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Harriet Mandak - Wireframe - V.3-2.png


I'm Harriet, I'm an accredited functional medicine health coach, life purpose and spiritual life coach, and human design reader. My mission is to help women heal themselves, reclaim their true identity, reconnect to their inner guide and step into their happiest, healthiest, and highest selves
Mind, Body and Soul. 


I'm a Holistic Life Coach & Spiritual Mentor

and my intention for you is not only to fully reclaim and rediscover who you really are, but reprogram and decondition yourself, so that you can think differently, feel differently, and most importantly feel empowered to show up and take space in this world as your most authentic, connected and confident self.

I'm a triple ICF accredited Functional Medicine Health Coach, Spiritual Life Coach & Human Design reader

with much of my work based in evidence based techniques. I also work with energy, spiritual and holistic healing methods and modalities - to create a blend of tools that ensure an entirely unique, but incredibly powerful experience for you. I do not follow a specific method or plan - everyone is unique and requires different healing keys so I will facilitate our partnership based upon your needs.

My approach is a blend of conscious and cognitive work

(mastering your mindset & becoming consciously aware), alongside subconscious reprogramming  (reprogramming and rewriting your story) and embodiment techniques, tools and practices (fostering connection to your body, the home of your soul and restoring safety and a deeper sense of wholeness). 

This is not a surface level strategy, or a 5-step plan

It is a past, present and future approach. It’s about getting deep under the surface of what is holding you back, taking authority of your subconscious mind and emotional body, so that you can break the patterns and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back, step into the driver's seat of your own life and create the beautiful reality you deserve.


Who do I work with?

Sensitive & empathic souls

looking to recognise and break free from their non-serving patterns and habits, emotionally heal, and come home to themselves so they can reclaim and recreate their lives. 

Mums navigating the huge challenges of modern motherhood

looking to reconnect with themselves and their identity outside of motherhood

Spiritual seekers

looking to live more in alignment with their true self, and find a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment. 

How we can work together...

Explore The Signature Programs


of restoring your mental, physical and spiritual health, so that you can reclaim and recreate your most vibrant, authentic and joyful life.


A deep and powerful 4-month holistic healing journey



In this empowering container, I will support you in letting go of what isn’t serving you and hold your hand as you step back into your power as a woman and mother.



A journey of reconnection, unlearning & self empowerment for mums

Ocean Feet_edited.jpg

 A journey of undoing the conditioning that led you away from who you truly are and to lead you back on the path of who you came here to be.



A spiritual journey of self discovery and coming back into harmony with yourself


Next Steps

Book a call with me here to ensure that the experience and program you are interested in is in full alignment with what it is you need to move forward. We will chat about your current situation, and where it is you want to get to, and I will share more about my approach and what my programs entail. 


"Working with Harriet was nothing short of life changing. I was so lost in the trenches of parenting a small child, I had completely lost sight of who I was, and what I needed to make me happy. In the space of a few months we worked through rediscovering with who I am at my core, what lights me up, and how I can more easily reconnect with myself . Not only has my relationship with myself improved, I am more present with child and my husband, and in my life in general. My 6 months working with Harriet will forever be the 6 months that changed my life.”



Lara, London


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