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Harriet Mandak - Wireframe - V.3-2.png


Designed for Mothers

“The most precious inheritance that parents can give their children is their own happiness.”


Thich Nhat Hanh


Life as a modern mother is tough.


We live in an always on, productivity obsessed society. We're rushing around on the hamster wheel of life, ticking off to do lists, feeling incessantly guilty, putting ourselves last on the list, beating ourselves up for not being 'perfect', and letting our inner critic get the best of us. 

Our nervous systems are frazzled.

We are constantly on edge and always overthinking.

We're tired, overwhelmed and disconnected from our true selves.

I am here to help you change that.

Journey Back to You

is designed to take you from a place of feeling lost, overwhelmed, emotionally and physically depleted, through to restoring your energy (and your nervous system), your confidence and ultimately reconnecting you to your true self (not who you feel you should be) so that you can model to your children what living life as your happiest, highest, most joyful and empowered self looks like.  

In this transformational container, I will help reconnect you to your inner guidance system. To your intuitive voice  that always exists within you, but has just been overshadowed by all the labels and identities that have been shaped by your upbringing, culture, society. I will guide you in bringing consciousness to your unconscious self and ultimately support you into stepping into and embodying your most authentic self.


This is for you if...

Want to reconnect with your identity, and your passions and purposes outside of motherhood

Constantly feel like you’re not a “good enough” mother and want to shake that off

Want to get crystal clear on your own values as a mother, and start living in alignment with them

Feels unable to break free of “shoulds” and wants to silence the relentless mum guilt and shame

Want to learn why you are so triggered by your children and partner and learn what to do about it


Want to break open and free yourself from the “Perfect Mother” myth 


Wants to be a role model to their children and create a new legacy of healing and connection for their family. 


Does this sound familiar?

You have forgotten who you really are since you became a mother, and often feel like a stranger to yourself

You find yourself missing your pre-motherhood life, and the freedom you had

You struggle with the demands of motherhood and just feel like you’re on a hamster wheel that you can’t get off 

You are so used to putting the needs of others before your own that you struggle to prioritize your own needs and desires

You have an inner critic who has become louder and more constant throughout your motherhood journey

You feel on edge throughout the day and struggle to regulate your nervous system 

You feel like you have a million tabs open in your brain, and rarely find the time to check in with yourself and your dreams and goals

You compare yourself to other mums, (online and offline) and come up feeling short or lacking


Now imagine if...

You got to know yourself all over again, outside all of the “roles” you play

You speak to yourself with love and compassion, and easily acknowledge and silence your inner critic

​You stop feeling like you “should” do everything, and instead feel empowered

and confident in your parenting choices 

You have identified and let go of what isn’t serving you in journey, and are showing up as the empowered, confident and grounded mother you always you knew you could be. 

You have learned how to prioritise your own needs and well being, so that you can show up

from a place of devotion, not depletion. 

You have learnt tools and tricks to increase your stress tolerance, and regulate your nervous system

so that you can respond to your children and others from a place of love and calmness

You are healing, growing, and thriving in your journey of motherhood. 


What You Will Get

12 weeks of your own personalised coaching programme

broken down in to 6 x 90-minute sessions every other week. 

Unlimited Business Whatsapp or Email support

in-between sessions to keep you accountable and provide support whenever its needed


Real life assignments, tasks, meditations, worksheet etc.

all stored in your own private and password protected client page where you can access and download everything you need and have life-time access to it

In session guided meditations 

Free access to any masterclasses or workshops

I run during our time working together.

"I love being a mum, but I was so desperate to have something that was just mine again, to reclaim my identity. Harriet helped me see that wanting to do so wasn’t selfish, it was necessary. Together, we did a lot of deep work on what was blocking me from moving forwards, and then worked on rediscovering who I was at my core - what my natural talents were, my passions, what I loved doing. Honestly these sessions were such a tonic, and it felt so wonderful to reconnect with myself. She has given me the confidence, and the tools to carry this through for the rest of my life. Thank you Harriet!” 





Ella, Dubai


What People

Are Saying

£1,888 (8250 AED) plus VAT


Next Enrolling 2023

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