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Harriet Mandak - Wireframe - V.3-2.png


Designed for Mothers

A 10 week, online group coaching program that provides a safe and nurturing space to help you shed the shoulds, ditch the guilt, reconnect to your truth, let go of what no longer serves you and come back home to yourself.


Life as a modern mother is tough.


We live in an always on, productivity obsessed society. We're rushing around on the hamster wheel of life, ticking off to do lists, feeling incessantly guilty, putting ourselves last on the list, beating ourselves up for not being 'perfect', and letting our inner critic get the best of us. 

Our nervous systems are frazzled.

We are constantly on edge, crippled with mum guilt, and always overthinking

We're tired, overwhelmed and disconnected from our true selves.

It feels hard, because it is hard. But it was never meant to be this way.

And there is another way.

A way off the hamster wheel, a way where your worth is not defined by how much you ‘get done’, where you are not crippled by guilt, or comparison, and where you can get to the end of the day feeling worthy, fulfilled and nourished.

Journey Back to You


  • You constantly feel like you’re not a “good enough” mother and are always comparing yourself to other mums (online and offline)

  • You struggle with mum guilt on the daily

  • You have forgotten who you really are since you became a mother, and often feel like a stranger to yourself

  • You find yourself missing your pre-motherhood life, and the freedom you had

  • You are so used to putting the needs of others before your own that you struggle to prioritize your own needs and desires

  • You have an inner critic who has become louder and more constant throughout your motherhood journey

  • You struggle with the demands of motherhood and just feel like you’re on a hamster wheel that you can’t get off 

  • You often feel angry, resentful, and depleted

  • You want to be a role model to your children and create a new legacy of healing and connection for your family


Now imagine if

You got to know yourself all over again, outside all of the “roles” you play.

You speak to yourself with love and compassion, and easily acknowledge and silence your inner critic.

​You stop feeling like you “should” do everything, and instead feel empowered

and confident in your parenting choices.

You have identified and let go of what isn’t serving you in journey, and are showing up as the empowered, confident and grounded mother you always you knew you could be.

You have learned how to prioritise your own needs and well being, so that you can show up from a place of devotion, not depletion.

You have learnt tools and tricks to increase your stress tolerance, and regulate your nervous system so that you can respond to your children and others from a place of love and calmness.

You are healing, growing, and thriving in your journey of motherhood.


Over 10 weeks together we will take a deep dive into:

Module One

How motherhood is constructed socially - How our social and cultural narratives shapes not only how we experience Motherhood, but also how we think about ourselves as Mothers, and how we parent our children.

Module Two

“The rulebook of good motherhood” - A disruption, questioning and opening up of what we define as normal in motherhood and exploring and detoxing from how the perfect mother myth shows up in your life.

Module Three

Shedding the “Shoulds” - A new look at mum guilt - where it comes from, and how we can use it to come closer to our true selves and value aligned living.


Module Four

Detoxing from Martyrdom motherhood -  debunking the narrative of sacrifice and exploring a new way - being a model, not a martyr. 

Module Five

Identity - ​ exploring who we see ourselves as and experience ourselves as when we become Mothers, and rediscovering our identity outside of motherhood

Module Six

Self Love - exploring self care, self worth and self celebration.Shower yourself with self-compassion, and create an embodied sense of what it feels like to fill your own cup.

Module Seven

The Road to Empowered Motherhood - Shifting into a new experience of Motherhood. 

 Bonus Module

Stepping off the treadmill - The importance of emotional and nervous system regulation for ourselves and our children.

PLUS Bonus Masterclasses from guest coaches and speakers.


If you are here reading this now, I’m going to take a guess that you have some level of frustration, discontent, and questioning. That you feel there  must be another way, some other version of motherhood than the one you’ve been sold. You want more for yourself, and more for your children:

More self compassion & tenderness for the vulnerable parts within you

More understanding about your triggers and how to move through them in an intentional way

More clarity on your values, likes and dislikes

More space to stand in your truth and mother the way that feels right to you

More guidance and support as you grow in confidence in honouring your own needs and desires…

More nervous system regulation for yourself and in order to hold space for your children

Journey Back to You


  • You are open to shining a light on what truly impacts our experience as mothers, break the “rules” and rewrite what it means to be a mother, in a way that works for you.

  • You are looking to be supported by like-minded mamas.

  • You understand the value of investing in your healing with time, commitment, and finances.

  • You are ready to put in the effort required for change.

  • You know that self-responsibility and a willingness to show up is key to your personal growth.


Meet Your Coach, 

Hi my loves, I’m Harriet. I’m a mum of 3, and I'm a triple ICF accredited Holistic Life Coach & Motherhood Studies Practitioner.

I am also a modern day spiritual junkie, who loves margaritas (straight up, with salt), sunsets and 80’s power ballads. 

Since having my first child over 4 years ago I have been on a huge journey of personal growth and transformation, recovering from a life time of people pleasing, and lack of connection to my true self. When my first daughter was born I could not have foreseen the journey I was about to take - one of deep exploration, unlearning, empowerment and reclaiming a motherhood of my own.


Along this journey I learnt to reconnect with my inner child, to reconnect to who I really was, outside all of the “labels” and roles I was used to existing within, to unravel myself from the noise of society and the outside world, and to ultimately create a vision of motherhood that was mine. 

My role as holistic life coach, and spiritual mentor is to support you in reconnecting you with your authenticity, and stepping into your happiest, healthiest and highest self, so that you can model the same to your children and create new legacy of healing and connection for the next generation. 

I look forward to supporting you on this beautiful journey back home to yourself my love.

Harriet x

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Why Group Coaching?

Over the past year I have been working individually to support mothers in moving from surviving to thriving in their motherhood, validating and affirm their experiences as a mother, and hold the space to facilitate their journeys of empowerment and transformation. But unfortunately as a solo practitioner, and with 3 young children of my own I don’t have the availability to help as many women as I would like in a 1:1 format. 

So with this in mind, I decided to take my in person program, the Journey Back to You, online so that I can deepen and expand the support I offer mothers. 

Additionally, what I have both witnessed, and learnt from my experience over the past few years is the importance of community and connection when it comes to motherhood. Mums need other mums. To support each other, to learn from each other, to hear each other, to be heard. To break down any old stories that we need to compete, to compare, to judge. 


So if you are ready to connect with other mothers from all different seasons and stages of their mothering journey, and step into your power and agency as a mother, then I cannot wait to meet you.

Journey Back to You


7 Pre-recorded modules (delivered over 10 weeks), with bite sized video content that you can watch, or listen to on the go. The content will be split into two main sections:


Where I will bring to light the many invisible social and cultural factors that keep us stuck and disempowered as mothers, why knowing about them is important, and what we can do to change them.


Where we will explore relevant topics that come up repeatedly with my 1:1 clients (mum guilt, value aligned living, self-care, identity loss, martyring ourselves as mothers, and more) and challenge the dominant ideologies of what it means to be a good mother.

A private community of women also on their mothering journey to connect with and share the highs and lows.

7 LIVE group calls where we further explore the content covered in the modules as it applies in our daily lives.

3 break weeks to fully integrate the content.

Meditations and healing audio hypnosis to help you process and release and integrate into your new way of being.

Workbooks for each module for doing your own reflective practice so you get lasting change.

Replays available for each call.

Forever access to the content.

Bonus module on emotional regulation, and soothing a frazzled nervous system with practical tips, tools, and meditations to take away and apply in your everyday life.

VIP option available which includes TWO 1:1 sessions with me for more personal support and to further integrate the group content.

"I love being a mum, but I was so desperate to have something that was just mine again, to reclaim my identity. Harriet helped me see that wanting to do so wasn’t selfish, it was necessary. Together, we did a lot of deep work on what was blocking me from moving forwards, and then worked on rediscovering who I was at my core - what my natural talents were, my passions, what I loved doing. Honestly these sessions were such a tonic, and it felt so wonderful to reconnect with myself. She has given me the confidence, and the tools to carry this through for the rest of my life. Thank you Harriet!” 





Ella, Dubai


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Includes 2 x 1:1 sessions with Harriet





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