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Harriet Mandak - Wireframe - V.3-2.png

Heal Thrive Shine

My most transformational offering

A deep and powerful 4 month holistic healing journey of restoring your mental, physical and spiritual health, so that you can reclaim and recreate your most vibrant, authentic and joyful life.



So many of us exist in a

state of unconsciousness

We go through our lives on a state of autopilot, so guarded that we don’t experience the richness that life has to offer, carrying out automatic, habitual patterns and behaviours that don’t reflect who we are, and don’t serve us at all. 


In this transformational container, I will help reconnect you to your inner guidance system. To your intuitive voice  that always exists within you, but has just been overshadowed by all the labels and identities that have been shaped by your upbringing, culture, society. I will support you in meeting yourself, understanding your needs and your nervous system responses. I will guide you in bringing consciousness to your unconscious self and ultimately support you into stepping into and embodying your most authentic self. 

How can I help you?

Let me take you to the other side...


The other side of anxiety, fear, doubt, comparison, insecurity, disconnection and confusion, to a place of genuine happiness. 

Let me awaken your awareness...

help you to recognise your patterns and limiting beliefs, heal from your past and step into the highest version of yourself.

Let me support you in guiding you back home to yourself...

to knowing yourself deeply, connecting back to your own wisdom and releasing the stories and beliefs that are no longer serving you.

Let me help you reconnect to your body...

to listen and trust what it has to say, and the wisdom that lies within it. 

Let me help you heal from your past

to create your new future. 


This is for you if...

You are embarking on a journey of self discovery and to uncover a deeper understanding of yourself and form an honest, intimate relationship with who you really are

You want to recognise your own self sabotaging patterns, break free from destructive behaviour and reclaim your life

You have unresolved emotional wounds that need healing 

You live your life on autopilot, and feel like you are just in survival mode, as opposed to thriving and enjoying all the richness that life has to offer

You struggle with anxiety, high sensitivity, and emotional regulation

You want to make peace with the past, let go of the stagnant energy that’s been holding you back, and learn how to forgive and release resentment

You desire to understand who you are, and why you came to be the way you are - so that you can finally change the emotional patterns and thinking loops that keep you stuck and disempowered


You feel disconnected from your body, and want to harness the power of it to heal yourself, reconnect with your intuitive self and build resilience


You want to Heal, to Thrive, to Shine


The Ego is your false self.

The Soul is your true self.

To be truly happy you

must starve the ego,

and feed the soul.

What is involved

Holistic healing focuses on the mind, body and soul in the service of rebalancing the body and nervous system, and healing unresolved emotional wounds.

Together we will get to the root of why you feel stuck, detached, or lost. 


We will build and cultivate your own personal tool kit that will enable you to create new habits for yourself, understand the behaviour of others, and release the idea that your worth is determined by any one person, or anything outside of YOU. 

This is a three-pronged approach that works with the physical, psychological and spiritual, i.e, the mind, body and soul:


exercises and tools that reconnect you to your body, harness the power of the physical.


by changing your relationship to your thoughts and past experiences


by connecting to your authentic self and in turn to a greater collective 




What is the process?

Consultation Call

A consultation call is required prior to booking, to ensure that this experience and program is in full alignment with what it is you need to move forward. We will chat about your current situation, and where it is you want to get to, and I will share more about my approach and what the program entails. 



Following this call, if we are a right fit for each other - you will then complete a detailed questionnaire in advance of our first session together. This will ensure absolute clarity on your desired outcomes, what we need to focus on and will ensure we can maximise our time together.


Bespoke Approach

This is a bespoke experience so the techniques, tools and approach I use will be completely tailored to your needs but this program focuses on restoring holistic health by breaking negative patterns, healing from your past and creating your conscious self.



"Since becoming a mum, I’d lost myself completely and didn’t know how to rebuild my life. I’ve done all kinds of therapy over the years but I can honestly say that working with Harriet has had the most fundamental impact on me.  I had never even thought about the kind of mum I’d like to be and the reasons for that. I’d never considered my own personal values and drivers, or thought about how my own life and family experience have shaped who I am today. I didn’t know how to let go of past trauma and to heal but Harriet gave me so many different tools to use from meditations to journalling to talking and showed me the intrinsic connection between mind and body. I’ve only known her a short time but she’s already given me back the love and respect for myself that I’d lost. 


Every time I hear or read something from Harriet, it’s like she’s speaking to me directly. She has this amazing power to encapsulate the things many of us are feeling or thinking and somehow make sense of it all."



Sarah, Dubai

What People

Are Saying

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What You Will Get

16 weeks of your own tailored and personalised coaching programme 

broken down in to 8 x 90-minute sessions every other week. These can either be conducted at my office in my home in Dubai, or over Zoom. 


Unlimited Whatsapp or Email support

 in-between sessions and within working hours, to keep you accountable and provide support whenever it’s needed


Real life assignments, tasks, meditations, worksheet etc.

all stored in your own private and password protected client page where you can access and download everything you need and have life-time access to it


In session guided meditations 


Free access to any masterclasses or sessions

that I run throughout our time together.


£2,222 (9700 AED) plus VAT


Next Enrolling 2023

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