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Harriet Mandak - Wireframe - V.3-2.png

Hi Beautiful

I’m Harriet, a holistic and spiritual life coach and mindset mentor, helping women who are lost, stuck and disconnected from themselves, smash through their limiting beliefs, remove the blocks that are holding them back and guide them back home to their true, whole selves, towards a purposeful, joyful, fulfilled life.


We all have access to a deep sense of inner peace...

We just live in a world where we are conditioned to prioritise everything else over an authentic connection to ourselves. It is my mission as a coach to help you foster and develop a healthy and beautiful relationship with yourself where you show up every day as your own best friend, you master your mindset and make your thoughts and beliefs work FOR YOU instead of against you. With my help you will really begin to understand your true value and worth as a human being and become deeply connected to your highest, most authentic and joyful self. 

I’m happily at a point in my life now where I am not only in love with my reality, but I am my own best friend.

I’m living in alignment with my values, showing up every day as the most authentic, connected version of me, confident inside of a healthy body, tapped into my intuition, embracing my emotions (as opposed to being ruled by them) and committed to work that feels deeply fulfilling and connected to my souls purpose and who I came here to be - supporting incredible women on their journey of own empowerment and transformation.

But it wasn't always this way for me...


I went through most of life denying my own reality.



I had spent a lifetime being disconnected from myself and my body which led to struggles concentrating, connecting emotionally, remaining present and eventually persistent gut and other health issues in my mid to late twenties. In hindsight, I’d spent all of my professional career working in a job that was completely out of alignment with my values and I was a consummate people pleaser, always trying to make others like me, and constantly placing my worth and validation outside of myself. Although I had always been interested in self development, and psychology, and considered myself very “self aware”, I came to realise I had never applied any of my knowledge or understanding to myself... I was so busy trying to help and fix others, as a way of really avoiding having to look too deeply at myself. And it wasn’t until I became a mother, and at the same time, moved abroad to a country where I knew absolutely no one, that all that changed and my inner transformation began.


As a new mum, removed from her family & support network, I felt lost and unsure of the path ahead.

Although I now realise it was the universe assuredly guiding me down the path I needed to take, at the time I was suddenly confronted with enough space and time to reconnect with myself and work out who I really was, outside all of the labels and roles I was used to existing within, and what I really wanted out of life. At the same time, as my daughter emerged into her early toddler years, and her highly sensitive and emotional nature began to show, it was a highly triggering experience for me as it was like looking in a mirror. The combination of the total removal of all of the environments (and consequently identities) I was used to, and the absolute cracking open that I was experiencing in parenting my child lit a firework inside me. So I started doing the work... I turned inwards and reconnected with myself.. I jumped into my own self-healing, and became consciously aware. I met my inner child, and learned how to reparent her. I learned how to recognise and shift my limiting beliefs, and shift the subconscious patterns that had been ruling my life. I began to engage with the world with a level of emotional maturity and perspective that I had never had before. I made brave choices. I invested in my health. I set boundaries. I learnt how to put myself first. I left my job. I signed up for my first qualification. I began the process of rediscovering my identity, and my purpose, so that I could embody the woman and mother I wanted to be.


My studies and qualifications on many subjects are always ongoing, covering functional medicine, integrative health, positive psychology, spiritual life coaching, Human Design, life purpose (dharma coaching), hypnotherapy, motherhood studies and more.  

We all require different healing keys, so I use a blend of what is needed with each client individually.  No two sessions are ever the same. But what is guaranteed is that you will be able to truly understand yourself on a much deeper level. You will be able to unravel your own stories and rewrite more empowering ones. You will get back in touch with what truly makes you feel whole, as you lovingly come back home to yourself. 

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Learning who you truly are, and what you are capable of is not only empowering and transformative but its one of the most profound experiences we can have.




Harriet x 

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